Adapting Terrain to Existing Building and Ramp

How to adapt existing terrain in relation to other existing objects in ARCHICAD.

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This video shows you how to easily adapt your existing – or construct a new – terrain in relation to other existing objects in ARCHICAD. All achieved using only a few LAND4 tools.

In the first part of the video, LAND4 Categories are used for filtering, selecting, and copying Spot Levels and Ridge Lines (between the new terrain and the existing ramp). These Spot Levels and Ridge Lines will later be used to adapt the new terrain to the ramp.

In the second part of the video, the building’s geometry and the ramp elevation at each entrance to interpolate and create other 3D points around the building.

Later, these new Spot Levels will be used to create the Ridge Line which will define where exactly the new terrain will meet the building.

With all LAND4 objects defined and placed in the right categories, it only takes a few clicks (using the Magic Wand) to generate the new terrain and make sure it follows the inserted levels.

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