Can I use LAND4 without a license?

Yes. With an unlicensed LAND4 version for ARCHICAD, you can view drawings made with a licensed LAND4 version just as you can make and save minor edits to existing projects.


An unlicensed version of LAND4 works a bit like the Adobe Acrobat Reader, and you (and others) must have LAND4 installed to view LAND4 objects in a drawing.*

With the unlicensed version, you can show and hide Spot Level text and access the Spot Level settings. 

You can move or delete Spot Levels, and dynamically related objects such as parent/child Spot Levels or LANDSurfaces will be automatically updated.

You cannot show, hide, or break existing dependencies.

*In LAND4, Spot Levels, Fall Lines, LANDSurfaces and Ridge Lines are all created as objects.

How to get an unlicensed version?

To get an unlicensed version:

  1. Go to our Downloads page.
  2. Download the LAND4 version matching your current ARCHICAD version and operating system.
  3. Install on your workstation.

How to get access to the full range of LAND4 landscaping tools?

To get access to the full range of LAND4’s powerful landscaping tools, you will need a LAND4 license. All LAND4 licenses are floating network licenses hosted on a cloud-based license server, and there are multiple rental plans to choose from.

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