Can I use LAND4 without a license?

Yes – you can use it to read drawings made with a licensed LAND4 version.


An unlicensed version of LAND4 works a bit like the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You (and others) will need to have LAND4 installed to see LAND4 objects in a drawing.*

You will be able to erase and move individual LAND4 objects, but all “live” relations with/interdependency on other LAND4 objects will be gone.

How to get an unlicensed version?

To get an unlicensed version:

  1. Go to our Downloads page.
  2. Download the LAND4 version matching your current ARCHICAD version and operating system.
  3. Install on your machine.
  4. You are ready to read.

*In LAND4, Spot Levels, Fall Lines, LANDSurfaces and Ridge Lines are all created as objects. 

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