Change Links in LANDSurface

Change Links in LANDSurface

The Change Links for LANDSurface tool enables you to:

  • show objects part of a LANDSurface.
  • add objects to a LANDSurface.
  • remove objects from a LANDSurface.

To change links:

  1. Select LANDSurface.
  2. Go to:
    • LAND4/Group Palettes/LANDSurface Palette, or
    • LAND4 Palette/LANDSurfaces.
  3. Press Change Link for LANDSurface button.
LANDSurface Palette/Change Links for LANDSurface button
LAND4 Palette/LANDSurfaces/Change Links for LANDSurface button
  1. Objects part of the LANDSurface will be highlighted.
  2. Select or deselect objects as desired.
LANDSurface has been selected and Change Links for LANDSurface button activated.
Spot Levels related to the LANDSurface has been highlighted.
In this example, the red Spot Level needs to be removed from the LANDSurface (deselected),
and the blue Spot Level added (selected).
  1. To validate selection, press green check mark.
  2. Your LANDSurface will be updated accordingly.
Updated LANDSurface.
Red Spot Level has been released and is no longer part of the LANDSurface.
Blue Spot Level has been added.
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