Check Duplicates

With the tool Check Duplicates, you can find and eliminate duplicated LAND4 objects (Spot Levels, LandSurfaces, Fall Lines, Ridge Lines or Countour Lines) and thereby clean up your project.

Object duplicates

LAND4 object duplicates are identical LAND4 objects sharing position, layer and category. Too many duplicates in a given project can slow down LAND4 and ARCHICAD and potentially cause errors. With Check Duplicate, you can easily avoid this.

How to check for duplicates

  • To open Check Duplicates, go to LAND4 palette/Categories/Duplication Check.

  • The LAND4 Duplication Check box will pop-up.

Search criteria

  • Search for duplicates by Categories and Layers.
  • Press Check.
  • See Results for:
    • Total number of duplicates found
    • Object Types
    • Positions
    • Categories
    • Layers

View, 2D

  • To view a duplicate object’s representation in 2D, select the given object in the Results list.

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