Create LAND4 Spot Levels from Mesh

Create Spot Levels from Mesh

This function allows you to automatically generate LAND4 Spot Levels on the basis of an existing ARCHICAD Mesh:

  • Select Mesh.
  • Go to LAND4 Palette/LANDSurfaces.
  • Press button Create Spot Levels from selected Meshes.
  • LAND4 Spot Levels are automatically generated and ready for use in LAND4.

Selected Mesh

Mesh is selected. The function button is marked with red – LAND4 Palette/LANDSurfaces/Create Spot Levels from selected Meshes

Generation of Spot Levels

Automatic generation of LAND4 Spot Levels

Close-up, triangulation

Close-up of triangulation

Spot Levels ready for use

The LAND4 Spot Levels extracted from the Mesh and ready for use in LAND4.

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