Create Ridge Lines

Draw Ridge Line

To draw a Ridge Line:

  1. Go to:
    • LAND4/Group Palettes/Show Ridge Line Palette, or
    • LAND4 Palette/Ridge Lines
  2. Press Create Ridge Line button.
  3. Draw Ridge Line and add z-values for each Spot Level in pop-up dialog.
Create Ridge Line button, Ridge Line showing Spot Levels, and Ridge Line pop-up dialog.

Add z-values continually

If you tick Keep focus in height input in the pop-up dialog, the input text field will stay highlighted, enabling you to add z-values for the Ridge Line Spot Levels fast and easily.

Incorporate existing Spot Level

To make an existing Spot Level part of your Ridge Line:

  1. Hover over the existing Spot Level – the Ridge Line pop-up palette will grey out and show the z-value of the Spot Level.
  2. Click to set new Ridge Line point.
  3. The existing Spot Level is incorporated into the Ridge Line.

3D View

Ridge Lines as they look in 3D. Green crosses represent Spot Levels.

Break line function

Ridge Lines are also known as Break Lines. Below is a visualization of how their break line effect can reshape a model:

3D view without Ridge Lines
3D view with inserted Ridge Lines

Use polylines or splines

Another way to create a Ridge Line is to simply use the ARCHICAD Polyline tool or Spline tool to draw a line or a spline and transform it into a Ridge Line.

To transform a Polyline/Spline into a Ridge Line:

  1. Select existing Polyline/Spline.
  2. press the Create Ridge Line button.
  3. Click the desired number of Spot Levels along the Polyline/Spline.
Creating Ridge Line from ARCHICAD Polyline, step 1
Creating Ridge Line from ARCHICAD Polyline, step 2
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