Creating Mound with Spiral Pathway

How to easily create a Snail Mound in ARCHICAD using LAND4.

Video Content

This video shows how to easily create a complex earth formation, a mound featuring a spiral path, within a few minutes using LAND4 for ARCHICAD.

  • First, top and bottom Contour Lines are defined, and a surface is created based on those lines.
  • Next, the Center Line of the path is added using Gravity Tool.
  • From this Center Line, the edges of the pathway are created.
  • The Snail Mound can then quickly be created with the use of the Magic Wand.
  • Finally, the LANDSurface is used to generate a Mesh showing the Snail Mound.

Use this video to get inspiration for creating classic garden elements like the shown Snail Mound or other beautiful shapes in the terrain.

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