Edit shape of LANDSurface

LANDSurfaces and Fills

On plane, LANDSurfaces are presented as ARCHICAD Fills and thus closely connected to Fill-related tools.

In other words, you edit the shape of a LANDSurface in the same way you would edit the shape of a Fill.

Edit shape of LANDSurface

To edit the shape of a LANDSurface:

  1. Select LANDSurface.
  2. Click on the edge of the Fill representing the LANDSurface.
  3. Pet Palette appears featuring the following editing tools:
    • Insert new node
    • Curve edge
    • Edit segment using angle
    • Offset edge
    • Offset all edges
    • Add to Polygon
    • Subtract from Polygon
    • Drag
    • Rotate
    • Mirror
    • Multiply
Pet Palette, editing tools
  1. Make the desired changes to you LANDSurface.
Selected LANDSurface and Pet Palette.
  1. If the new, edited shape allows for new triangulation by adding additional Spot Levels or Ridge Lines, the LAND4 Objects that can be included in the LANDSurface will be highlighted and the LANDSurface update dialog box will appear. (See article on how to Create LANDSurface).
    • If proposed additions are OK, press green checkmark in dialog.
    • If you do not wish to add the proposed objects to your LANDSurface, press No New Links button.
    • If more objects are to be selected or deselected, do this and then press green checkmark.
updating LANDSurface after editing it
LANDSurface pop-up Update dialog,
Spot Level possible to include in LANDSurface is highlighted (and in red frame).
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