Elevation Palette

To activate Elevation Palette

  1. Go to:
    • LAND4/Group Palettes/Show Spot Levels Palette, or
    • LAND4 Palette/Spot Levels
  2. Press Elevation Palette button (Button text says “Automatically show Fall Line Settings when two Spot Levels are selected”).
  3. Select two Spot Levels.
  4. Elevation Palette appears.
Elevation Palette activated and two Spot Levels selected.

Elevation, parameters

The LAND4 Elevation Palette shows the relation between two selected LAND4 Spot Levels involving three parameters:

  1. height of lowermost Spot Level.
  2. the fall gradient between the two Spot Levels.
  3. height of top Spot Level.

Slope units

The fall between the selected Spot Levels can be shown:

  • in percent
  • in permille
  • as a ratio.

The setting for this, can be found in LAND4 Palette/Settings/General Settings. Read how to change unit here >>

Lock or edit parameter

Per default, one of the three Elevation Palette parameters has to be locked. You decide which. The other two, unlocked parameters, can be edited.

To lock a parameter

To lock a parameter, press the padlock button to its right.

To edit a parameter

To edit a parameter, enter its new value in the text input field and press Enter. The two other parameters will be updated accordingly.

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