Error message loading license file – why?

1. Are you online?

To load your LAND4 license file, you will need to have an active internet connection and to be online every time you start up ARCHICAD. 

The reason for this is that your license file needs to be able to contact your cloud-based online license server to be verified and to check out a license.

2. Online, but still not working …

Firewall issue

For LAND4 to work, two specific ports in your firewall must be open (outbound, LAN to WAN). Usually, this does not present a problem, but should you need to identify them, here is how:

A. Demo license users

As a demo license user, you do not yet have access to your cloud-based license server. Please contact us at, and we will get back to you with the port numbers in question as quickly as possible.

B. Subscribers

As a subscriber, you do have access to your cloud-based license server.

Link and login info can be found in your completed order email.

  1. Login to your online license server.
  1. Choose “Configuration”.
  1. You will find the port numbers you need, just below the license text string.

3. Tried everything, but still not working?

Please let us know at, and we will help you figure out why.

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