Fall Line

Fall, gradient and direction

The Fall Line tool offers a visual representation of fall gradient and direction between two LAND4 Spot Levels. A LAND4 Fall Line is a dynamic object.

LAND4 Spot Levels and Fall Lines

Place Fall Line

To place a Fall line:

  1. Go to:
    • LAND4/Group Palettes/Show Fall Line Palette, or
    • LAND4 Palette/Fall Lines
  2. Then either:
    1. press Place Fall Line.
    2. select two Spot Levels.
  3. Or
    1. select two Spot Levels.
    2. press Place Fall Line.


A Fall Line is dynamically related to the LAND4 Spot Levels it is generated from. This means the Fall Line will automatically be updated if one or both Spot Levels are moved.

Fall Line Settings

Object Settings

By pressing Fall Line Settings, the Fall Line section in the Object Default Settings menu opens. Here you have access to:

  • Preview and Positioning
  • Custom Settings
  • Floor Plan and Section
  • Model
  • Classification and properties
  • Layer*
Fall Line Palette

*Note! Layer settings in default Category Settings overrule layer settings in the Object Default Settings dialog.

Object Default Settings/LAND4 Fall Line

Model View Options

To edit Fall Line Model View Options, go to Model View Options/Options for LAND4/Fall Line.

Here you can adjust:

Fall Line Appearance

Fall Line Text

  • Direction of text
  • Fall Line Text Font
  • Fall Line Text Size
  • Fall Line Text Pen
Model View Options/Options for LAND4/Fall Line.
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