Filtering Point Cloud using CloudCompare

From Point Cloud to LANDSurface using CloudCompare

The video above shows how to handle, filter and classify a Point Cloud using CloudCompare, and then how to import into ARCHICAD using LAND4.

Steps shown in video

You will be guided through the process of cleaning up, preparing for import, and importing a Point Cloud:

  • removing noise (using outlier removal)
  • sub-sampling (spacing.
  • calssifying points (ground/off-ground)
  • importing into ARCHICAD.
  • showing points as LAND4 Spot Levels.
  • creating a LANDSurface (terrain model) from the Spot Levels.

Essential when using raw data

If you use (LIDAR, drone, laser scanning) raw data, the above process will be essential when it comes to optimizing the size/quantity and the quality of your Point Cloud, before importing it into ARCHICAD using LAND4.

Cloud Compare

CloudCompare is a third-party, open source software processing 3D point clouds. For more information, go to

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