LAND4 Categories

LAND4 Categories function

Understanding LAND4 Categories and their function is an essential part of working with LAND4 for use with ARCHICAD.

In short, LAND4 Categories can be compared e.g. to typographies/styles in WORD. They allow you to define and easily manage settings for whole groups of LAND4 Spot Levels at once.

Default categories

By default LAND4 comes with three categories:

  • LAND4 Existing
  • LAND4 New
  • LAND4 Demolished

These three categories can be renamed and modified but not deleted.

Assigning Objects

LAND4 Objects (Spot Levels, Fall Lines, Ridge Lines and LANDSurfaces) has to belong to a LAND4 Category.

New LAND4 Objects are automatically assigned to the current/active LAND4 Category.  

Current LAND4 Category

The current/active LAND4 Category can be set in the pick box found in LAND4 Palette/Categories.

LAND4 Palette showing active/current LAND4 Category

LAND4 Category Settings

To access LAND4 Category Settings, go to LAND4 Palette/Categories/Cogwheel icon.  

LAND4 Palette shortcut to LAND4 Category Settings

In the Category Settings dialog, you can add, modify and delete LAND4 Categories.

From here, you can also import or export your Category Settings.

LAND4 Category Settings dialog

Add LAND4 Category

  1. Go to Category Settings.
  2. Press Add.
  3. Enter the name for you new LAND4 Category in Category dialog top field.
  4. Set layer for your new LAND4 Category.
    • For all objects in new category to be placed on the same layer: Choose layer from Layer pick list.
    • To assign different object types to separate layers: Choose ”Decide for each element type”.
  5. Press Add to save your settings.
LAND4 Category dialog – add category

Modify LAND4 Category

  1. Go to Category Settings.
  2. Select LAND4 Category to be modified.
  3. Press Modify.
  4. In the Category dialog, edit the Category name and/or layer settings.
  5. Press Modify to save settings.

Note! The new settings will apply to all objects already assigned to the modified LAND4 Category.

LAND4 Category dialog – modify category

Delete LAND4 Category

  1. Go to Category Settings.
  2. Select LAND4 Category to be deleted.
  3. Press Delete.

Note! The three default LAND4 Categories (LAND4 Existing, LAND4 New and LAND4 Demolished) can be renamed and modified but not deleted.

Category-specific Spot Level Layout

A specific LAND4 Spot Level layout can be set for each LAND4 Category. This is done in Model View Options. For instructions, go here >>

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