LAND4 Composites

Add Composites to LANDSurface

ARCHICAD Fill Selection Settings

To add a Composite to a LANDSurface, use ARCHICAD Fill Selection Settings:

  • Select Fill representing LANDSurface.
  • Go to Fill Selection Settings/LAND4 Settings
  • Check box: LANDSurface composite.
  • Access list of project Composites.
  • Select Composite.
  • Press OK.

The selected Composite will be added to your surface accordingly.

3D: LANDSurface before adding Composite
3D: LANDSurface after adding Composite

LANDSurface Settings

The Composite added to the LANDSurface in the Fill Settings can also be activated/inactivated through the LANDSurface Settings.

  • Select a LANDSurface.
  • Press LANDSurface Settings on the LAND4 Palette.
LAND4 Palette/LANDSurfaces/ LANDSurface Settings
  • Go to Custom Settings/3D Structure/Surface with thickness.
  • Check box: Use composite.
LANDSurface Settings/Custom Settings/3D Structure/Surface with thickness/Use Composite.

Create Schedules using LAND4 Parameters

New Schedule Scheme

To create a Schedule representing LAND4 Composites and other LAND4 parameters:

  • Go to Document/Schedules/Scheme Settings/COMPONENTS.
  • Press New to create new Schedule Scheme.
  • Enter ID and Name for the New Schedule Scheme.
Creation of new Schedule Scheme under COMPONENTS

Add Criteria

  • In the CRITERIA table, set:

    Element Type is Object
    Name is LANDSurface
Scheme Settings/COMPONENTS/Criteria

Add Fields

When Criteria are set, Fields can be added.

  • Go to Add Fields…/Classifications.
  • Choose ARCHICAD Classification – v. 2.0.
  • Press Add.
Component Volume

To obtain the volume of a Composite contained by a LANDSurface, use the ARCHICAD parameter Component Volume.

  • Go to Scheme Settings/COMPONENTS
  • Select Component Volume.
  • Press ADD.
Library Part Parameters

To add more dedicated LANDSurface parameters to the Schedule:

  • Go to Add Fields../Library Part Parameters.
  • Select LAND4.apx folder in the Additional Object Parameters menu.
  • Select LANDSurface.gsm.

The menu Available Parameters will show the available LANDSurface parameters to be displayed in Schedules.

  • Select relevant parameters.
  • Press Add.
  • Press OK.
Element ID

To add the Element ID Field:

  • Go to Add Fields../Parameters & Properties.
  • Search out and select Element ID.
  • Press ADD.
Element ID

To enter LANDSurface Element ID

  • Select LANDSurface.
  • Go to LAND4 Palette/LANDSurface/LANDSurface Settings/Classification and Properties/ID and Categories.
  • Enter value/text in ID Field.
  • Press OK.

Open Schedule

The new Schedule can be found under Components using the Navigator.

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