LAND4 Object Settings

LAND4 Objects, settings

LAND4 object settings are managed in their own section of the ARCHICAD Object Default Settings dialog box. ARCHICAD’s general object settings principles apply.

Object Default Settings/LANDSurface

Change settings for selected objects

If you select one or more LAND4 objects and subsequently make changes in the Object Default Settings dialog, the changes will only affect the selected objects.

Change general object settings

If you make changes in the Object Settings dialog without selecting any LAND4 objects first, the resulting settings become the new defaults.

NB! Category trumps layer

Please note, layer settings in default Category Settings overrule layer settings in the Object Default Settings dialog. See article on Categories.

Access via LAND4 Palette

Shortcuts to the LAND4 object settings in the Object Default Settings dialog can be found in the LAND4 Palette at the end of each LAND4 Object Group:

  • Spot Levels
  • Ridge Lines
  • Fall Lines
  • LandSurface
LAND4 Palette: Shortcuts to LAND4 object settings

LAND4 Object Settings

In the Object Default Settings dialog, you can make changes to the following :

  • Custom settings
    (ID, Prefix and Suffix, etc.)
  • Floor plan and section
    (Line Pen, Color, and Thickness, Fill, etc.)
  • Model
  • Classification and properties
    (Object classification, name, description, IFC properties, etc.)
Spot Level Settings: 2D preview of Spot Level.
Spot Level Settings: 3D preview of Spot Level.

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