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Arc Segmentation

Arcs, 2D

On plane in LAND4 you can work freely with organic shapes when it comes to LANDSurfaces, Ridge Lines and Contour Lines.

Arcs, 3D

In 3D LANDSurfaces are created based on triangulation. Since triangles cannot have arched sides, arcs must be divided into segments made of straight lines.

Arc Segmentation Distance

The Arc Segmentation Distance is the distance from chord to perimeter of a circular arc.

The longer you make this distance, the more coarse your segmentation will be.

NB! The more fine-graded your segmentation, the more objects your drawing will hold, which will negatively influence system performance when your LANDSurfaces are created.

Change setting

The lengths of the above-mentioned arc segments are managed in the LAND4 settings for the ARCHICAD Fill Tool, Polyline Tool and Spline Tool respectively.

To change the Arc Segmentation Distance for Fills, Polylines or Splines:

  1. Double-click the object tool (Fill, Polyline or Spline).
  2. Tool Default Settings will open.
  3. Go to the LAND4 Settings tab.
  4. Set your desired Arc Segmentation Distance.
  5. Press OK.
Polyline Default Settings/LAND4 Settings/Arc Segmentation Distance
ARCHICAD Object Settings Priciples

As always, ARCHICAD’s general object settings principles apply:

  • If you select one or more objects and subsequently make changes in the Object Default Settings dialog, the changes will only affect the selected objects.
  • If you make changes in the Object Settings dialog without selecting any objects first, the resulting settings become the new defaults.

Example | Arc Segmentation Distance: 10 and 200

2D View – difference not visible

The illustration below shows two Contour Lines on plane. They are both created from Polylines.

Arc Segmentation Distance:

  • Contour Line to the left: 10
  • Contour Line to the right: 200

On plane the two Contour Lines look exactly the same:

Contour Lines featuring Arc Segmentation Distance of 200 (left) and 10 (right), 2D
3D View – difference is distinct

Viewing the same two Contour Lines in 3D, the difference in Arc Segmentation Distance clearly shows:

Contour Lines featuring Arc Segmentation Distance of 200 (left) and 10 (right), 3D
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