Menus, palettes and objects

LAND4 Menu

Once LAND4 has been successfully installed, a LAND4 menu will show up in the main ARCHICAD menu bar:

LAND4 menu in ARCHICAD menu bar

LAND4 menu items

The new LAND4 menu holds four menu items: 

  1. Hide/Show the main LAND4 Palette.
  2. License information (Version, type, owner, days left to license expiry.) 
  3. Link to tutorials. 
  4. Group palettes (these palettes can be displayed individually and anywhere on the screen, or docked to the toolbar). 
LAND4 menu item no. 4: Group palettes

LAND4 Palette

The LAND4 palette is organized in groups:

  • a Spot Level group
  • a Fall Line group
  • a Dependencies group
  • a Ridge Line group
  • a Surface and Mesh group
  • a Import/Export group
  • a Categories group

The pallet’s submenu arrows lets you hide the object groups you do not use.

The palette can also be docked to the toolbar.

Model View Options

Options for LAND4 will also appear in the Model View Options (MVO) menu.

Select a LAND4 object to adjust its settings.

Read more about specific options for the indiviual LAND4 objects here:

  • #Spot Level, Options
  • #Fall Lines, Options
  • #Ridge Lines, Options
  • #LANDSurface, Options
LAND4 Model View Options

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