Online License Server

All LAND4 licenses are floating network licenses hosted on a cloud-based license server.


As LAND4 customer, you have access to your own Cloud Dashboard. Here, you can for instance download your license file, view a list of active end users and release licenses

Online License Server – Dashboard

How to login to your online license server

  • Find your “Order Completed mail“. (The mail holding a link to your license file).
  • Go to the section called “Additional Order Details“.
  • Copy the “License server user info“.
  • Go to
  • Enter your Username and your Password

List of active users + how to release license

  • Go to “Dashboard”.
  • Press “Usage”
  • Press “Show Users“
  • Active users will now be visible beneath license info.
  • In order to release a license, press the red cross (X) left of user info. 

Download license file

  • Go to “Dashboard”.
  • Press “Configuration”.
  • Press “Click to download license file“.

Firewall – open ports

For LAND4 to work, two specific ports in your firewall must be open (outbound, LAN to WAN). Usually, this does not present a problem, but should you need to identify them, here is how:

  • Go to “Dashboard”.
  • Press “Configuration”.
  • Find port numbers just below the license text string.
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