Online License Server

All LAND4 licenses are floating network licenses hosted on a cloud-based license server.


As LAND4 customer, you have access to your own Cloud Dashboard. Here, you can for instance download your license file, view a list of active end users and release licenses

Online License Server – Dashboard

How to login to your online license server

  • Find your “Order Completed mail“. (The mail holding a link to your license file).
  • Go to the section called “Additional Order Details“.
  • Copy the “License server user info“.
  • Go to
  • Enter your Username and your Password

List of active users + how to release license

  • Go to “Dashboard”.
  • Press “Usage”
  • Press “Show Users“
  • Active users will now be visible beneath license info.
  • In order to release a license, press the red cross (X) left of user info. 

Download HTTPS license file

  • Go to “Dashboard”.
  • Press “Configuration”.
  • Press “Click to download HTTPS license file“.

Firewall – open ports (if not using HTTPS file)

If you are not using HTTPS, two specific ports in your firewall must be open (outbound, LAN to WAN). Usually, this does not present a problem, but should you need to identify them, here is how:

  • Go to “Dashboard”.
  • Press “Configuration”.
  • Find port numbers just below the license text string.
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