Ridge Line Configuration

Ridge Line

A Ridge Line is basically a 3D line running between Spot Levels defining a terrain border.

LAND4 Ridge Lines are dynamic objects.

LANDSurface triangulation

In LAND4, Ridge Lines are used to control LANDSurface triangulation. A LANDSurface triangle will never intersect a neighbouring Ridge Line, but always have one of its sides following the Ridge Line.

LANDSurface, default triangulation
LANDSurface, triangulation controlled by inserted Ridge Line (red)
LANDSurface with and without Ridge Line, 3D

Note! Ridge Lines are also known as Break lines.

Ridge Line Settings

Object Settings

  1. Go to:
    • LAND4/Group Palettes/Show Ridge Line Palette, or
    • LAND4 Palette/Ridge Lines
  2. Press Ridge Line Settings button.
Ridge Line Palette/Ridge Line Settings
  1. The Ridge Line section in Object Default Settings menu now opens.

Object Default Settings menu

Here you have access to:

  • Preview and Positioning
  • Custom Settings
  • Floor Plan and Section
  • Model
  • Classification and properties
  • Layer*

*Note! Layer settings in default Category Settings overrule layer settings in the Object Default Settings dialog.

Ridge Line Object Settings, Slope lines

Slope Lines

Some of the settings, you can edit, are the settings for Slope Lines.

  • Length of long Slope Line Right
  • Length of long Slope Line Left
  • Distance of Slope Lines
  • Long-Short line length ratio

Slope Line cut angles are managed using Hotspots. Hotspots can also control Slope Line length, enabling you to set different Spot Line lengths at separate Spot Levels.

Ridge Line showing Slope Lines of varying lengths.

Model View Options

To edit Ridge Line Model View Options, go to Model View Options/Options for LAND4/Ridge Line.

Here you can adjust:

Ridge Line Appearance

  • Ridge Line Pen (3D)
  • Slope Line Pen (Floor Plan)
Model View Options/Options for LAND4/Ridge Line
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