Roof on round building, step-by-step

Video on how to create roof on round building using LAND4

This video shows how to create the roof of a building in a couple of minutes using ARCHICAD and LAND4.

Starting with circles

The design process starts with two concentric circles, each having a different radius – and by establishing the top height and the bottom height of each line of the roof (inner and outer).

LAND4 Tools in action

In the next step, once we have the fall percentage between these Spot Levels, and with the help of the Constant Gradient Interpolation tool, 3D points are generated along the lines. These Spot Levels will be used to generate the roof surface.

Introducing Ridge Lines

Once enough Spot Levels have been placed, they can be added/attached to the existing 2D lines transforming them into 3D lines or Ridge Lines.

Modelling LANDSurface

In the next part of the video, the roof’s surface is modelled with a simple mouse-click, using the Magic Wand.

Solid Element Operation

Once the roof is modelled, the walls of the building can be cut at the exact level where they meet the roof. This is done by using Solid Element Operation tool in ARCHICAD, where the walls are set as Targets and the roof is set as Operator, under the operation of Subtraction with Upward Extrusion.

And – the roof is done!

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