SOSI Import

SOSI = Norwegian geospatial vector format

The SOSI import function in LAND4 allows you to import the Norwegian geospatial vector format into ArchiCAD. A format containing 3D lines as well as points.

The SOSI import button is located in the FILES button group:

Files/SOSI Import

The SOSI import function

To use the SOSI import function:

  1. Press on the SOSI Import button.
  2. Define your import settings in the SOSI Import Settings menu.
    • Select the data you want to import from the preview menu.
    • Select a category and a layer to which you want to import your data.
    • Or create a new layer based on the name of the geometry in the file.
  3. Press OK.

Filtering of data

In the SOSI Import Setting, you can filter data from the SOSI file by geometry (lines or points) or search by element names in the file.

SOSI Import Settings Menu

You will receive a message indicating the total number of elements from the file that were imported to Archicad.

Import successful

Your file has been successfully imported to ArchiCAD, and you can now use the imported data to create LANDSurfaces.

Imported SOSI data in 2D
Imported SOSI data in 3D

NB! Data-heavy SOSI files

Importing data-heavy SOSI files into LAND4 can slow down the import process. It is recommended only to import the areas and themes necessary for your project.

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