Spot Level Configuration

LAND4 Spot Levels


A LAND4 Spot Level is a three-dimensional point, the representation of an (x,y,x)-coordinate set.

In 2D the (x,y)-coordinates are indicated by a marker, e.g. a cross or a circle, and the z-value depicted as text.

LAND4 Spot Level


Spot Levels can represent surveyor data depicting an existing terrain, or you can use them to design and generate surfaces.

Active and dynamic objects

LAND4 Spot Levels are active and dynamic objects interacting with other ARCHICAD and LAND4 objects. This means you can easily modify and/or move them while working on your project – related objects will adjust automatically.

Spot Level tools

To access LAND4 Spot Level tools, go to LAND4 Palette/Spot Levels.
For detailed descriptions of the individual tools, follow the links below.

Spot Level Options (MVO)

You can manage Spot Level Appearance in Model View Options.

  • Go to MVO
  • Choose tab: Spot Level

Here you will find General Settings, Category Dependent Settings and Spot Level display units.


General Settings

  • General Spot Marker Size (mm)
  • Spot Marker Size of Dot Type (mm)
  • Show Text
  • Spot Text Font
  • Spot Text Size (mm)

Category Dependent Settings

Category Dependent Settings only apply to the category you set in Select Category (blue frame in the image above).


  • Spot Text Pen
  • Show I/Brackets/Underscore
  • Spot Marker Type
  • Spot Marker Pen
  • Text Rotation Angle

NB! Category Dependent Settings is a very powerful tool when it comes to managing LAND4 Spot Level appearance. In the example here below

Category A

  • Show Brackets
  • Spot Marker Type: Circle
  • Spot Marker Pen: Red

Category B

  • No Brackets
  • Spot Marker Type: Cross
  • Spot Marker Pen: Black
An example of two LAND4 Spot Levels belonging to LAND4 Categories with different settings.

Spot Level display units

In Spot Level display units, you can set the LAND4 Spot Level unit (meter, decimeter, centimetre, etc.) and the desired number of decimal places.

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