Three-point Interpolation

Generate new Spot Levels

The Three-point Interpolation tool enables you to generate a new Spot Level related to/dependent on three existing Spot Levels.

Interpolate child Spot Level

To use Three-point Interpolation:

  • Go to:
    • LAND4/Group Palettes/Show Spot Level Palette, or
    • LAND4 Palette/Spot Levels
  • Then either:
    1. press 3 Point Interpolation.
    2. select three Spot Levels.
    3. Place the new, interpolated Spot Level on plan.
    4. To exit tool, press Esc.
  • Or:
    1. select three Spot Levels.
    2. press 3 Point Interpolation.
    3. Place the new, interpolated Spot Level on plan.
    4. To exit tool, press Esc.
LAND4 Palette/Spot Levels/3 Point Interpolation button


Interpolated children Spot Levels are dynamic objects holding dynamic relations to their parent Spot Levels.

Changes to parent Spot Levels

If you change the z-value or x,y-position of one or more parent Spot Levels, their interpolated children Spot Levels will be updated accordingly.

Changes to children Spot Levels

If you move Children Spot Levels their values will be re-interpolated based on their position in relation to their parent Spot Levels.

NB! Since a Child Spot Level’s elevation is interpolated, you cannot change it manually. Not unless you break the dependency.

The new, interpolated Spot Levels are marked with blue. The dependency lines point towards the parent Spot Levels.
Children Spot Levels can be dragged outside of the 3D plane formed by their parent Spot Levels. The interpolation will continue based on the parent Spot Levels’ positions.
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