Workflow: Parking Lot 1/3

Parking Lot: From Sketch to Site Design

The video above, is the first in a series of three videos on constructing a site (a parking lot) in relation to an existing terrain using LAND4 (v2) for ARCHICAD.

Video Content

This video shows how to start a site design project (construction of a parking lot) in relation to an existing terrain, and how to make qualified volume estimations during this process.

You will see:

  • How to define project settings in LAND4.
  • How to get from a simple, handmade sketch to designing and establishing the site in relation to the existing terrain.
  • How to make qualified volumetric estimations to help identify the best location for the parking lot.
  • How to easily control fall percentages and fall directions between the Spot Levels representing the new constructed surface.

The Series

The tutorial series consists of:

  1. Parking Lot (1/3): From Sketch to Site Design
  2. Parking Lot (2/3): Construction of site using LAND4 tools
  3. Parking Lot (3/3): Final terrain, incl volume calculations.
Table of Contents