Workflow: Parking Lot 2/3

Parking Lot: Construction of site using LAND4 tools

Focus in this second video is on how to use LAND4 Objects to construct your site – all in relation to the existing terrain or other objects contained by the surroundings (an existing road).

Video Content

You will see LAND4 interpolation tools used to create LAND4 Objects and construct the surface of the parking lot, the edges, and the surrounding pavement:

LAND4 Objects

All above are dynamic and interdependent LAND4 Objects allowing for flexible site and terrain modelling.

The Series

The tutorial series consists of:

  1. Parking Lot (1/3): From Sketch to Site Design
  2. Parking Lot (2/3): Construction of site using LAND4 tools
  3. Parking Lot (3/3): Final terrain, incl volume calculations.
Table of Contents