Workflow: Parking Lot 3/3

Parking Lot: Final Terrain, incl Volumetrics

In this third and last video of this series, we create our final terrain based on the site, we constructed in our previous video: “Site Construction with LAND4 tools“.

Video Content

You will see operations with tools such as the LAND4 Ridge Slope and LAND4 Volumetrics. Our goal is to optimally balance Cut and Fill, all in relation to the existing terrain or other objects contained by the surroundings (an existing road).

The Series

The tutorial series consists of:

  1. Parking Lot (1/3): From Sketch to Site Design
  2. Parking Lot (2/3): Construction of site using LAND4 tools
  3. Parking Lot (3/3): Final terrain, incl volume calculations.
Table of Contents